Tattoos for Men. Style guide for your new or next tattoo!

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Tattoos for men are more popular than ever!

Ages ago people found out that tattoos are the best self-expression way. Tribes around the whole world were showing themselves through different styles of tattoo art. Depending on the culture, traditions, religion, rituals, and beliefs tattoos were mostly the domain of men. It has also been used as a way for people to attract potential mates.

Since those ancient days tattoos were envolving a lot. There was a period when tattoos for men made them “bad boys” in the society. But nowadays people are more openminded. They respect men who like to express themselves through tattoo art.

So, don’t be shy, show yourself! Especially because there are many tattoo designs that you can choose. Check out what style of tattoos for men is better to get an original idea for your next tattoo!

Abstract tattoos for men

Most of all men choose abstract tattoo style because it is a non-realistic style. Abstract tattoos for men involves colors, shapes, surreal visuals, splatters of paint and a hidden meaning behind it. The good thing is – you can interpret it however you want. It doesn’t matter tattoo symbolizes animal, nature or whole world around us.

abstract tattoos for men

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abstract tiger tattoo

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Lettering tattoos for men

The lettering tattoo design style is a popular men’s choice.

One clearest self-expression style of tattoos for men. Common choice is to get a full name tattooed on part of the body. Tattoed name means that you want others to know who you are and you are close to yourself.

Quotes are modern choice of all lettering tattoos for men. Unfortunately, these are the ones that most commonly to fail, because of the possible errors. So choose your tattoo artist carefully. And double check the quote grammar, size, color, and placement.

Most men choose lettering tattoo style. In general because there is no better way to express their motivation, feelings and personality traits.

So, get your motivational quote, phrase, a loved one’s name or significant date inked on your body. You won’t regret it!

lettering tattoos for men

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Tribal (Polynesian, Maori, Samoan) style tattoos for men

Seems like tribal style art is the most mysterial of tattoos for men.

Many of the tattoo styles which we know today were rooted in tribal tattooing. The figures and shapes used in tribal tattoo styles were often representative of animals or other elements of nature and tribal life. In fact, these tattoos always told a different story.

Nowadays men choose tribal tattooing art because that is how the warriors of tribes tried to show their strength in battle.

Tribal tattoos are usually black in color. Therefore it composes geometrical designs. Most of all animals and nature’s shapes are popular in choosing tattoos for men.

Express your identity, personality, social status, hierarchy, bravery and wild soul by choosing tribal tattooing!

tribal style tattoos for men

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tribal tattoo

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Geometric tattoos for men

One particular tattoo that grows in popularity among men is the geometric tattoos. First of all, geometry art focuses on patterns and shapes found in the natural world, with ties to a history of religion (Eastern and Western). There are many building blocks of sacred geometry. It includes a chambered nautilus shell or mathematical patterns. A geometric tattoo also can be combined with any other tattoo like animals, quotes, maps, compass, symbols and etc.

First-timers searching for new inspiration may be in need of a tattoo artist expert on the subject. Many geometry artists deal in black ink only. Dotwork, or pointillism, is also commonly seen within geometric tattoos for men.

Most men believe that sacred geometry seekers are different. Probably, that is why they choose geometric style of tattooing. If you are one of them, geometry art is for you!

geometric tattoos for men

Image source

geometric tattoo for men

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Neo-traditional tattoos for men

The neo-traditional tattoo is a modern variation of the old school or the American traditional inking. Furthermore, it is a unique tattoo art combined with multiple designs, bold lines, and colors. Neo-traditional tattoos for men are all about freestyle. By using realistic images or sometimes cartoons, they still hold traditional American style details.

Seems like, with new tattoos on the rise and advances in the industry, the look is evolving. So, nowadays you can try 3D neo-traditional style tattoos for men!

If you are looking for newer elements for your next tattoo, then why not try neo-traditional designs.

neo traditional tattoos for men

Image source

Watercolor tattoos for men

Creative men commonly choose watercolor tattooing art. Almost all watercolor tattoos have no outline. But there are many experts that creatively merge traditional style with watercolor concepts.

There are various techniques to create good looking watercolor tattoos for men include blurs, bleeds, fades, shades and runs. As a result, when completed, watercolor tattooing can resemble a painting more than a tattoo.

Many men believe that watercolor tattoos are created completely differently from ‘normal’ tattoos. That is why watercolor tattoos for men are highly popular.

watercolor tattoos for men

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watercolor raven tattoo

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watercolor geometric stag tattoo

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Fine line tattoos for men

Fine line tattooing is one of the newest styles. What is so good about it, that it is a perfect style for your first tattoo.

First of all, fine line tattooing is one of the most delicate, elegant, discrete. This style is perfect for those who want to achieve a minimal look of tattoos for men.

Tattoos for men that involves a high level of details and still look delicate and elegant. And the fine line style offers a solution of both.

fine line tattoos for men

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Dotwork design tattoos for men

Just like fine line tattoos, dotwork is a new modern and creative tattoo style. More details, whip shade, dots, it’s highly addictive and endless.

It takes a lot of effort to create dot work tattoos because they are made up with nothing but tiny dots. After all, they are well worth the effort. The dotwork technique is usually used together with geometric or tribal tattoos for men.

As much as fine line tattooing, the dotwork style is an ideal choice if you are looking for an idea for your first tattoo.

dotwork bear tattoo

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Tattoos for women. A guide of modern ink designs

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