Talking on the phone.

I’m actually on the phone right now with my friend Nelson, who is playing WoW on the other end (Haha, the nerd. ;D Jk, fool. I’m just as much of one).
But anyways, it’s so awkward ’cause like, I dunno what to say. He’s talking to himself while he’s playing the game (Lame, I know.)
But, it’s awkawrd because he goes, “Hello?”
Then it’s an awkward silence while he talks to himself some more.
And when we DO talk, we interrupt each other all the time.
“So then I was like-“
“Oh yeah, I so get-“
“And she was li-“
“And then she says something like-“
“Hahaha! Yeah!”

Plus I can’t think of anything witty to say, because I don’t have time to think about it like I do on here. ._.
That’s why I dislike talking on the phone.
(Texting > Voice calls)