Sun and Moon tattoos: Meanings and Reasons to get them!

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Sun and moon tattoos have so many meanings. And if you are in doubt to get this type of tattoo, here are a few reasons to do it, that will help you to make your decision.

Sun and moon tattoos symbolism

Our sun is not just a tiny yellow star in the sky. In Hinduism, the sun is known as the highest god Brahman. He was the first being, the light of all souls, and the brightest of all gods. The Sun rises day after day regardless of weather conditions, the behavior of humanity or the placement of planets in the sky.

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And the moon is not only Earth satellite. It is the most dominant feature in our night sky, inspiring both wonder and myth since antiquity. The Moon is said to rule the senses and emotions.

If it were not for the light of the Sun, we would not be able to see the Moon at all. That is why we can’t imagine sun without moon and moon without sun. They always travel together, as two opposites of day and night, male and female or darkness and light.

sun moon tattoos

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Sun and moon tattoos representing opposites

Sun and moon joined together in a design symbolize the union of opposites.
In the first place, the Sun causes Day – but the Moon causes Night.

Speaking about sun and moon tattoos as opposites must know the meaning of yin and yang. The yin (moon) and yang (sun) always are equal in size and shape. This fact highlights the equality of their duality and the ideal state of equilibrium.

Notably, in many cultures, the sun is known as a male (yang). It symbolizes light, wisdom, truth, knowledge, intelligence, a jewel in the sky, wakeful consciousness, existence, continuity, immortality, stability, divinity, purity, the quality of sattva, gold, mental brilliance, the eye, witness, fire, sacrificial fuel, and the highest heaven.

Now, moon stands as a female (yin). It symbolizes time, cycles, psyche, wonder, shadow, balance, renewal, mystery, emotion, intuition, passivity, influence, fertility, transition, femininity, perception, progression, receptivity, illumination. For sure, you will find the right meaning for your tattoo.

It has also believed that we humans have the duality in our bodies. Besides, it is known, that we have two pairs of hands, legs, feet, eyes, ears and so on. This means that our bodies have perfect left/right symmetry – in other words, moon half and sun half.

These are quite deep meanings of sun and moon tattoos. But of course, to you it can signify just the basic principle of this life: where it is good, there will also be bad.

Now when you know the meaning of symbolism, you understand why it is worth choosing sun and moon tattoos. Or maybe you just like to watch the moon and you love the sunlight. This reason is already good enough if you want to decorate your body with sun and moon tattoo.

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sun moon tattoos

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sun moon tattoos

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