Summer Snack: Check Out This Amazing Watermelon Carvings

It’s summer, and it’s hot. Watermelon is a great material for food artists. I want to share with
my huge collection sculptures made with nothing more than watermelon.

carved watermelon

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

watermelon carving

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This glorious gator was carved by Adam Potash

An Introductory Flower

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Every Rose Has Its Rind

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Watermelon cobra

snake - summer snack: check out this amazing watermelon carvings

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watermelon carvings

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Watermelon Heart

watermelon heart

Body Language Tips to Make Her Crave You


watermelon brain

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And much more ..

gator watermelon

extreme carving watermelon

watermelon carvings

watermelon carving

watermelon bear

watermelon - summer snack: check out this amazing watermelon carvings

watermelon samurai

watermelon shark

watermelon art

watermelon carving

watermelon gremlin