Suggestions For Darius and Paul/Sharenator

1. Multiple picture up-loader. It’ll allow you to create a post at a faster pace.

2. View count. Place a separate “View count: XXXX” In the description box.

3. Not for all sharenators. Instead of making a post that not everyone is going to see. make a section of the page dedicated to updates for the site and New Bulletins. This way everyone knows whats happening if the site crashes or if you have new features.

4. Give names to the Sharenator point system. -3.Very bad/ -2. bad/ -1. Poor…+1. Good/ +2. Great/ +3. Amazing!
These aren’t interesting but you get it.

5. A message system. Chatting or an IM system doesn’t really seem like a very good Sharenator add on. Instead you could add a simple, “Recommend” so that we can share posts with certain users.

6. An updater either on the Home Page or Profile would be nice. New Comments! or New Recommended!- If there is a chance you guys take these into consideration I hope you use better word choice then I have. ha

7. Allow us to use HTML in our posts. Mainly for <center><b></i>etc.

8. When Sharentor comes out of hte beta stage. The title should become, THE SHARENATOR!

Hopefully you guys take these into consideration. I am sure a few of these could be useful.

Its already my favorite site, but whoever said “you can improve on perfection”- well that guy is an idiot but you get what I’m saying.