Stunning Wildlife Photos

A frog sails through the rain on a homemade sailboat.
frog sails through rain homemade sailboat

Ants holding food upside down
ants holding food upside down

An elephant guards the body of a fallen friend from scavengers.
elephant guards body fallen friend from scavengers

Glowing Alligator eyes
glowing alligator eyes

Chimps warming their offspring
chimps warming their offspring

The elegant coconut octopus is found in the tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean.
elegant coconut octopus found tropical waters western pacific ocean

Two stallions battle for dominance.
two stallions battle for dominance

A clownfish and eel meet for the first time.
clownfish eel meet for first time

Owl hunting mice
owl hunting mice

An elegant blue half-moon betta fish.
elegant blue half moon betta fish

Beautiful close parrots
beautiful close parrots

Lion mother with her cub
lion mother her cub

Cloud of Tadpoles
cloud tadpoles

Amazing Orange frog
amazing orange frog

Poisonous dart frogs kiss
poisonous dart frogs kiss

An owl and a woodpecker attempt to intimidate one another.
owl woodpecker attempt intimidate another

A leopard retreats to the trees for a well-earned meal
leopard retreats trees for well earned meal

Butterflies on Crocodile
butterflies crocodile

The beautiful multi-colored cuckoo wasp.
beautiful multi colored cuckoo wasp

An ant drinks from a droplet of water.
ant drinks from droplet water

Bear simply saying "Hi"
bear simply saying

Polar Bear riding on iceberg
polar bear riding iceberg

Beautiful baby Elephant with birds
beautiful baby elephant birds

The breathtaking african bush viper is well known for its beautifully colored scales.
breathtaking african bush viper well known for beautifully colored scales

Tiger trying to dry
tiger trying dry

Beautiful Fox
beautiful fox

Frog with lizard on top
frog lizard top

An arctic fox enjoys the snowfall.
arctic fox enjoys snowfall

Bear in the Spring
bear spring

Foxes fighting in Aliaska
foxes fighting aliaska

Giant Sea turtle
giant sea turtle

In an amazing display, fish hitch a ride on the back of a whale shark.
amazing display fish hitch ride back whale shark

Cougar mother with her cub
cougar mother her cub

The vibrant weedy seadragon carries fertilized eggs.
vibrant weedy seadragon carries fertilized eggs

Seal under water in weed plantation
seal under water weed plantation

Lion resting in a tree
lion resting tree

Red-eyed tree frog riding a Hercules beetle
red eyed tree frog riding hercules beetle

Fly resting on snake's head
fly resting snakes head

The delicate glasswinged butterfly.
delicate glasswinged butterfly

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