Stuff that was on my mind on a Friday morning

It just hit me that I and a load of other people still have our old Pokemon Cards from when they were hot shit.

There’s no mental anguish like when you’re reading a nice book about god knows what situation and then the story turns to emo-vampires, thank you Stephanie Myere, for killing an entire generation of reading material.

Human beings can run twice as fast if they have to use the bathroom.

Jesus was either black or Arab, yet all the pictures show him as a white dude, what the hell?

The only reason any of us watched Cartoon Network to begin with was for the Anime, and now CN is slowly moving out of Japanese stuff, so….what now?

Global warming my left nut! It’s snowing outside…and it’s almost April!

Take a good, long, retrospective look at just what Kingdom Hearts is, gauge how long it takes for the sheer WTF to set in.

Almost everyone here watches Phineas and Ferb, 9/10 people will deny this.

Odds are your parents have tried anal.

In 20 years, rap will be what Elvis is to us…old people music.

There will probably never be “human intelligence” in robots, humans are random as shit, when a robot starts doing a Robin Williams impression while doing the conga, then I’ll believe.

No matter how old you are, no one will call you out for watching a Pixar movie.

Funky Town is stuck in my head, odds are it’s in yours now.