Weed makes you smarter…
you know how when a lion hunts they always go for the weakest animal in the pack…..well “they” say that weed kills ur brain cells……well i think when it kills ur brain cells it kills the weakest ones first and by doing that it makes the rest of the pack stronger therefore you get smarter…..

do i exist?
i just was coming up from my kitchen when i say hey to my parents and they didnt respond.. what if i dont exist?

Getting Swoll
Working out when you are high is like flying. You can keep going and going and never get tired. It’s surreal.

Driving while your high
its like playing a video game..

I found out what god is…
People say God is in everything, God is in everyone, God takes different shapes, God is the source of all life.
Replace God with the word water. :O

theres always another level of high
do u ever get so high that u think to yourself “theres absolutely no way i could get any higher than this”. then ur buddy asks you if u wanna smoke a bowl…and your like….”well now there is”

If I had a glass eye…
I would keep my weed behind it, no one would ever find it.