Sporting Idols

Chris Sharma – Rock climber and boulderer

At age 25, this Santa Cruz, California native has already dominated his sport for over a decade. In 2001, Sharma was the first to climb Realization, in France, an accomplishment that broke the elusive 5.15 rating barrier. He then spent several years focused on bouldering, a time in which he discovered and established some of the world’s hardest boulder problems. Currently, Sharma is on a renewed quest to find and climb the planet’s most difficult, beautiful, and improbable routes. In 2006, he made his most spectacular climb yet: a 60-foot tall rock arch rising from the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Mallorca, Spain. Climbing without a rope, Sharma took over 100 falls into the water from heights of up to 50 feet before succeeding on Es Pontas.
His mind-blowing first ascent of Es Pontas is one of the highlights of the new film, King Lines. In the summers, Sharma runs a series of camps for children, and he started The Sharma Fund to introduce climbing to underprivileged youngsters ages 11 to 18.

Sharma has been featured in Outside Magazine, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Men’s Journal, GQ, National Geographic Adventure, ESPN Magazine, Men’s Health, The New York Times Magazine, The LA Times Magazine, and many more publications. He has appeared on television in ESPN’s X-Games, NBC’s Jeep World of Adventure Sports, Europe’s Transworld Sports, and on The Outdoor Life Network and Resort Sports Network. His major climbing accomplishments over the years have been documented in a series of climbing films, including Rampage, Pilgrimage, and now King Lines.

As a climber. this guy is, in my opinion, the best climber in the world, and as a result I’d love to be able to do the sort of climbs he does.

Who’s your sporting idol?