Something for all those people who want hope

alright, i know a couple of people here have been putting posts up of how they need help to ask out a girl or something along those line.(you can raise your hand, or anything, if you want but i think we know who you are.)

Well, i thought i would act on the advice i had given. to just man up and do it. i asked out a girl i had been idk…id say working on but its not that…but yeah.

id just like to say, she said yes. she had lent me a movie(inception) i watched it and when i returned it, there was a note inside saying
“Quieres salir conmigo?”
and now were dating. im happy and shes happy.
so man up and fucking ask that girl, unless shes already dating, then wait…but yeah. just thought i would put this out there. im REALLY happy. =) (now to go back to an old favorite of mine, a demotivational, or two)

demotivational posters

demotivational posters real men

ok so i lied…it was three…so what wanna fight about it?