Some of the Most Epic Free Apps For the iPhone or iPod Touch

TWSS (That’s What She Said)

Have you ever wanted to turn an innocent conversation into an obscene joke but didn’t want to waste your breath? This is the app for you! Just touch the center button and you get a realistic, “That’s What She Said!”. For a little more kick, see TWSS Worldwide below.

Sound Grenade

In class? Just can’t seem to get people to shut the fluck up? Pull out your iPhone and use this app. Touch Activate to send out a high pitched sound that your teacher can’t hear but guess who can? That’s right! Your fellow peers. Don’t forget your earplugs!

Paper Toss

You’re at the office. Nothing to do. I know! Lets play paper toss! Gosh Dernit! I forgot my personal wastebasket and note book paper! No need to fear! Just pull out your iPhone and use the Paper Toss app! Choose from four levels, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Airport (You got fired for playing paper toss.)

Falling Balls

Sigh, I’m so depressed, I would kill myself but my wife’s here…. Here’s a solution! Play Falling Balls! Run from the falling balls and get past as many as possible! Or kill yourself in a horrible bloody death complete with a morbid scream as many times as you want without any long lasting effects!


Need a stress reliever? Want to just click a stapler over and over again? Nahhh, that wastes staples! Why not just use SimStapler? Just press until your heart’s content!

Shotgun Free

Get off my lawn! Enough said.


Are you king at popping bubble wrap? But you can’t get your hands on some in the office? No need to worry just pull this app out and start popping!

TWSS Worldwide

Tired of just saying ‘That’s what she said’ in the same old languages? Just pull this out and start learning it in different languages! Includes Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew and many more! Theres even Klingon for you Star Trek fans!

This is all I have for right now, feel free to add more in the comments!