Some pretty sweet photobombs

Also if Darius sees this post, is it possible to get a name change from Fail4424 to FailG?
Cheers :D

Duck face + derp face = derp face?
duck face plus derp equals derp face

Flower pot bomb
flower pot photobomb

Hungry for some attention
hes hungry hungry for attention

So cute you could just eat him up!
hes cute could eat him

Just a ray of sunshine :)
manta ray sunshine

like cannon bomb

What are they watching...
expects hank azaria

What you thinking Fido?
tell her what really think fido

Backseat stalker?
backseat stalker

There's always that one guy..
long distance photobomb

Something's not quite right here
man beach

I have no words
wall hugger

Casual nudity, a pretty sure fire way to ruin a wedding
wedding streakers

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