So this year sucked for me >.<

First off, my parents are both dead, murdered by some douche. He could have killed me too but i kicked his ass. Then, my life got better when i recieved a letter saying i could go to private school. What sucked though is the fact that my guardians decided to move house at the same time, so i never got to go. Then, i was dragged away in the middle of the night by a man claiming to be a teacher, although from the looks of him he could have been a hobo. He took me behind a bar, and he went into my vault. He then literally abandoned me in the middle of pretty much nowhere.

You think thats the worst part, well i then met the two most annoying people ever on the way to school. One was a guy who was such a hobo that you’d think he got his clothes handed down to him. He kept saying stuff about trading cards or something. The other person was some lame girl who was such a preppy bitch complaining about us not dressing properly. On top of that when we were in school we were yelled at almost straight away and then led off again to our rooms. After several abusive classes, i then got abducted and taken around the school grounds, but strangely got praise for it.

However, the worst part was when we met the guard dog. It was big, not just big but huge and it scared the living hell out of all of
us. It just didn’t seem normal.

The worst part though was when i met my parents killer, man i was so angry i felt like my head was on fire, and i justwanted to yell out in pain, but i didn’t want him to get the satisfaction

Being a wizard sucks