Small acts of kindness

today i woke up early. like 6am early, and scavenged my house for about an hour before i had 1.65$ i then set off for the corner store a block away. when i got there the coffee wasnt ready so i had to wait about ten minutes. i chatted with the store owner who was cheap, but nice. after i finally got my coffee i went to the counter and displayed mypocket of change. i slowly started counting so he let the 2 city workers behind me go ahead. the one guy, who i do not know, randomly bought my coffee for me.
i found this intresting because last year in school we did a unit on small acts of kindness. to me it was just going a little out of your way and didnt mean much when i helped others but that stranger really made my day.
so now im waiting for my ride to go hunting this weekend and i feel this is gonna be a good day.
so this might sound stupid, but doing the smallest thing could really make someones day. (like paying for a young girls 1.40$ coffee)
thankyou my good people of sharenator!