Slideshow Test

We’ve just added a new feature. Every post with at least 5 pictures will be automatically turned into a slideshow. You’ll notice these two buttons at the top of some posts. Go ahead, click “Next” (or simply on the picture below… I find it easier to click on a picture – you can’t miss 🙂 ) to read more.
Edit: You can now use keyboard arrow keys too.

buttons - slideshow test

Each picture in the slideshow should load blazing fast. We’ve put extra effort into making the slideshow run as smooth as possible.

big bang flash

Each picture now has its own unique URL. You can link to any slide in the slideshow by copying the URL address. The link will jump directly to the slide you want.

If you’d rather scroll through all the pictures, you can turn off the slideshow by clicking “Expand”.

expand - slideshow test

Let us know what you think. Like always, if you experience any problems or discover any bugs, post a comment!