Six of the Sea’s Scariest Monsters

1. The “Tampa Bay” Sea Monster

107440 0 - six of the sea's scariest monsters

This particular “sea monster” was found by a woman taking a stroll on a Tampa Bay beach in the summer of 2006. Later, it was taken by an unknown man and auctioned off on Ebay. It measures about 20 inches long with k-nine teeth up to 4 inches long.

2. The “Guinea” Sea Monster

107440 1 - six of the sea's scariest monsters

This strangely ugly “sea monster” was found off of a shore of in Guinea. Although it is partially decomposed, it still obtains 4 paws, long fur, and a wide tail. Scientist have seen creatures like this before but cannot identify it.

3. The Deep-Sea Frilled Shark

107440 2 - six of the sea's scariest monsters

This deep-sea frilled shark was found off of a Japanese coast. Although scientists have known that this shark existed, it is extremely rare to see a living one. Scientists describe this rare finding as an eel-like “living fossil”. This particular deep-sea frilled shark was about 15 feet long.

4. The Giant (Colossal) Squid

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This particular “colossal” squid was caught by a New Zealand fisherman. Weighing in at 990lbs, as well as 33 feet long, it is one of the largest squid on record. It was the first colossal squid landed intact. It was estimated that the squid could be made into calamari rings the size of tractor tires.

5. The Oarfish

107440 4 - six of the sea's scariest monsters

The oarfish is a deep-sea fish that can measure up to 10 meters long. The oarfish has a flattened snake-like body with a bright red dorsal fin, and a crest of long fins on the top of its head. These unusual and harmless creatures have often been mistaken as “sea serpent” sightings.

6. The Unknown Sea Monster

107440 5 - six of the sea's scariest monsters

A 35 ton creature washed up on the shore of Tecoluta, Mexico in March 1969. The carcass of the dead creature had a serpent-like shape and was coated with hard jointed armor. A ten foot long bone tusk (estimated to weigh about one ton) protruded from the top of its head. Many biologists thought that this unknown “monster” could have just been a narwhal because both creatures have a long tusk protruding from their heads. After a great deal of studying the creature, biologists confirmed that the creature was not a narwhal, and they could not match it with any sea creature known to man.