Sickest Running Back

who outta these running backs, are simply the best

Emmit Smith————————————-9
Barry Sanders———————————–10
Roger Craig————————————-10
Jerome Bettis———————————–8
Reggie Bush————————————-6
Adrian Peterson———————————9
Walter Peyton———————————–9
Ricky Williams———————————-7
Jim Brown—————————————10
Willy Parker————————————6

on the left, is the player..on the right, is there “so called” ranking from 1-10…. i got this on some stat thing i searched up on google… i definitely agree with it tho…

My opinion
1st best– barry sanders
2nd–Jim brown
3rd– roger Craig
4th–adrian peterson
5th–BETTIS!!.. he deserves a 9 tho…

what do you think??