Sharenator turns 2!

On 2008-03-23 10:35:26 PST Sharenator went live. That’s 2 years ago.

Let’s celebrate with some stats! 🙂

Since Sharenator was launched, a total of 7,212 accounts were registered on the site. Our members have made 17,535 posts and 70,013 comments. We now host 49,342 files.

Sharenator grew in traffic. Current monthly stats:
Over 500,000 visitors
2-4 million page views
(Several hundred percent growth since last year. I can’t tell the exact number yet, since Google Analytics is down at the moment – I’ll update this later.)

Monthly bandwidth usage is now over 10 TB (that’s over 10,000 GB!). We run 6 file servers to handle traffic spikes.

All of Sharenator members have earned a total of 232,153.62 points. That’s 32 points per member on average.

Our most popular and most commented category is… Pictures! 36,932 comments and 19,708,529 views (7 comments and 3,800 views per post).

Our most commented thread is USA vs Europe (353 comments).
The most viewed post is Worlds strangest looking animals (1,084,903 views).
Our biggest dial-up horror is FFFFFUUUUUUUUU – it holds a record of 83 pictures in one thread.

That’s it for now, we’re off to celebrate 🙂