Sharenator members

what i have noticed and talked about with many sharenator members is that in my opinion, and a few older members opinions’, people on sharenator are much too worried about points and rank. they do everything they can to get points and a high rank. THIS IS JUST A WEBSITE! no matter if you get hundreds of points and rank #1 your real life will be the exact same. gettint popular on a website doesn’t make any difference in your real another point of view it kinda does matter because people who get points and a high rank feel better about themselves and are happier. all i want you to see is that some people take it too far when it comes to rank and points.

please comment your opinion as well and i wont downrate you or say anything bad if you dont agree because we all have the freedom of speech. i do ask that nobody else downrate someone for agreeing or not agreeing please.