sharenator i need help!

i got a major grade assignment due tomorrow, and its not near done. i need to know how to get it to were it wont open. i know there was a post about it a long time back but i dont think it'll work because its a prezi not a word document.(a prezi is like a power point only better) please help. i know i cant finish it to night, but i only need one more day to work on it.
canstock5036834 - sharenator i need help!

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    First, find a magnet. Swipe it across the back of the computer several times. Then, bring it to class (I'm assuming it's a laptop, if not, bring only the monitor). Show the teacher the computer. When she asks what happened to it, use it to smash the window. Jump out the window and run like fucking hell. When you reach Mexico, Juan will meet up with you. I've instructed him to give you the last Time Turner. Use this to go back in time, and kill Adolf Hitler. Because of this, when you return to the future, there will be a lot more Jewish people. Due to the fact that in this alternate future, they will have conquered Japan, the Nintendo Entertainment System will have never been invented. Your teacher will have been, as a child, playing outside instead of playing Mario and will have been hit by a car and killed. In the alternate present, you will have a different teacher, who won't give out that assignment.

    • Ertrov
    • November 7, 2011, 3:25 am
    this is bound to work thank you!
    - castlewarsisawsome November 7, 2011, 7:34 am
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    put a copy on a flash drive and screw with the doc type teachers are generally not the brightest at tech and when they can get it to open they will probably give you an extra day.

    how do i change the doc type?
    - castlewarsisawsome November 6, 2011, 11:09 pm
    what OP system are you running
    - triclebickle November 6, 2011, 11:17 pm
    i dont know much about computers, but do you mean windows 7 or mac. if so its windows 7
    - castlewarsisawsome November 6, 2011, 11:19 pm
    okay that is what I mean, when you go to save as under title of document there should be a bar that tells you what the document type is things like PDF JPEG HTML Word doc things like, copy the program and put the copy that will go on the flash drive as something that you know won't work (try different things to find one you like).
    - triclebickle November 6, 2011, 11:37 pm
    thank you your a life saver!
    - castlewarsisawsome November 6, 2011, 11:40 pm
    I am no life saver I am just a past student.
    - triclebickle November 6, 2011, 11:47 pm
    shit i just relized i cant do a save as. its just on flash player. is there any other way i could mess it up?
    - castlewarsisawsome November 6, 2011, 11:53 pm
    not really no.
    - triclebickle November 6, 2011, 11:57 pm
    ok well im going to try to get the file that i can edit working on my computer so i can do that
    - castlewarsisawsome November 6, 2011, 11:59 pm
    well good luck.
    - triclebickle November 7, 2011, 12:03 am
    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got it to not work i just had to move it to a compressed folder!
    - castlewarsisawsome November 7, 2011, 12:04 am
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    I did this a few times. I don't have Word on my laptop so when I don't quite finish things and I have to open them at school I found a way around it. For some reason when I double clicked the document to open it, it wouldn't open and said an error. But when I right clicked and then clicked open it would work. So I could do some work on it at school by opening it but if it wasn't finished I could get an error up and have an excuse :)

    But in answer to your question, you could always just take the most recent vesion with you on a memory stick, but tell the teacher that you forgot to update what was on the memory stick but you have it completed at home.

    • TryThat
    • November 6, 2011, 11:22 pm
    its on a website she'll make me get it off of the website if i dont have the flash drive
    - castlewarsisawsome November 6, 2011, 11:26 pm
    Well surely there is no possible way for you to stop it working then? Unless you craftily unplug the ethernet cable from the school computers so the internet won't work...
    - TryThat November 6, 2011, 11:28 pm
    shes going to check it after school she doesnt have access to the website but she can make me log onto it and get it off of there. so if i do mess it up and she checks it the next day and it doesnt work then ill be fine
    - castlewarsisawsome November 6, 2011, 11:30 pm
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    try opening it up a file in something like notepad, if it comes up as garble looking coding, delete a chunk of it. should work... hopefully...

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    i hope everything went well :D
    i have something i gota finish by tomoro.. its not mine.. i do assignments for other students for extra pocket money.. and i barely finished a quarter (even less)of it.. so i know that i wont have time to do ANYTHING to do but work on it

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