Shadowology - the art of Vincent Bal

Belgian artist Vincent Bal has a fantastic ongoing project titled Shadowology. Each photo is a clever mix of an object, its shadow, and a hand-drawn illustration that creates a whimsical scene.

The Owls are not what they seem

owls are not what they seem

50 shades of Moustache

shades moustache

Vegetarian Wolf

vegetarian wolf

Circus Beer

circus beer

Descending stairway at the speed of light

descending stairway speed light

Beary tasty

beary tasty

Chief Flying Shuttle Bird

chief flying shuttle bird

Alternative Rocking Thing

alternative rocking thing

Cloudy skies, Put up your spikes

cloudy skies put your spikes

Duck for the police!

duck for police

Falling from 35mm high

falling from high

Glass alien

glass alien

Hunch egg of the Notre Dame

hunch egg notre dame

I'm a banana

i m a banana - shadowology - the art of vincent bal


leafosaurus - shadowology - the art of vincent bal

Mickey Sprouts

mickey sprouts

Searching fingerprints

searching fingerprints

Show & Smell

show smell

The swell autumn smell

swell autumn smell

The tears of a crown

tears crown

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  • December 1, 2016, 8:49 am
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