50 Sexy and Hot Power Girl Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

Power Girl is a fictional character in DC Comics. She first appeared in All-Star Comics #58 in 1976 under the name Karen Starr (or Kara Zor-L). Power Girl is the cousin of Superman in an alternate universe.

In the original story, Power Girl is the daughter of Superman’s uncle and aunt. She’s also a native to Krypton. Power Girl escaped the planet Krypton before it exploded through a rocket Symbioship. She left the planet Krypton at the same time as Supergirl and Superman. However, it took her longer to reach Earth 2.

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During her travel in the Symbioship, Power Girl experienced life and education while in a stasis mode. Power Girl interacted for almost two decades with virtual reality. The ship ensured that her mental development was in symbiosis with her developing body.

When Power Girl reached Earth 2, she’s a grown woman of twenty-something. Upon arriving on Earth, Superman and his wife adopted Power Girl so that she could adjust to the way of living. Power Girl discovered her superpowers. She used them to defend the innocent and weak. She assumed her superhero identity that is entirely different from her cousins.

In All-Star Comics, Power Girl meets Andrew Vinson, who is a reporter. Through the reporter, the Symbioship found her, and it wanted to continue her life in virtual reality. Power Girl managed to defeat the ship.

Later on, Power Girl got stranded on Earth, where Superman and Supergirl resides. In the story, Supergirl and Power Girl are the same persons. However, Power Girl is older and more mature than Supergirl. She has to adopt an alternate name for herself when it was apparent that the two heroines need to co-exist on Earth.

Power Girl has a more aggressive style than Supergirl. She also sports a different hairstyle and costumes. Power Girl wears a red, blue, and white outfit with a cleavage cut-out. Her choice of hero costume and superheroine name reflects her independent attitude. Power Girl doesn’t want to appear as the secondary character of Superman.

Power Girl appeared in many superhero teams. These teams are Justice League, Justice Society, and the Birds of Prey. DC writers retconned Power Girl’s character many times. One version includes a reference to Atlantean history.

In this Atlantean version, Power Girl was the granddaughter of Arion, a sorcerer. She became the agent of Oracle. However, the partnership didn’t last long after the disastrous ending of a mission.

Power Girl depicts a sexy heroine with a hot bikini body, perfect ass, and boobs. Despite being a fictional character, many fans of the DC characters fell in love with Power Girl, figuratively. Power Girl portrays a woman who knows what she wants and who doesn’t want to become a shadow of someone else.

Here are some pics of Power Girl that will make you rethink if she’s fictional or not.

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