60 Sexy and Hot Jessica Parker Kennedy Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

Jessica Parker Kennedy is a Canadian born. Her birth date was October 3, 1984, and birthplace is Calgary, Alberta. Over the years, she played different roles. Jessica Parker Kennedy avoids monotony and doesn’t want to play similar roles.

This sexy 35-year-old actress got her first role in 2006 for the movie Santa Baby. After this movie stint, she got a second lead role in a musical film, Another Cinderella Story, where she starred alongside Selena Gomez. Jessica also appeared in Smallville for three episodes.

In 2008, Jessica became a heroine in a DC comics adaptation of Plastique. Three years after, she was part of the series The Secret Circle as Melissa Glaser. After one season, the series stopped even though the audience liked it. After her role in the series, Jessica got another recurring role as Megan Rose in the 90210 TV series.

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Another break came to her in 2014, where Jessica Parker Kennedy starred in Black Sails. Filming the series required her to live in South Africa for four years. South Africa was the primary setting of the Black Sails, so she had to go there. According to Kennedy, her role in Black Sails is the most rewarding experience she had.

After this role, Jessica Parker Kennedy got several projects. One, she is currently doing a web series where she worked with Tanisha Long. This web series started in 2017.

Two, Jessica appeared in a horror film Deep Murder in 2018. Three, she became Nora West Allen in the fourth season of The Flash. Four, she stayed as a regular character in the same superhero series in the fifth season. Her latest project is Business Ethics, a comedy film where Jessica will star at Dr. Goodbody.

Unfortunately, Jessica Parker Kennedy doesn’t have any award or accolade in her name yet despite her many roles. However, this lack of award on her name doesn’t mean her performance is subpar. Critics find her performance excellent, especially her portrayal in the web series.

About her personal life and relationship, Jessica Parker Kennedy is quite secretive. There was a rumor once that she dated Luke Arnold, her co-star in Black Sails. The two never confirmed this rumor, and it seems that they’re just friends. As of the moment, Jessica is single. There’s no rumor about whom she’s dating.

Healthy living is one of Jessica’s secret of keeping a hot, and great body, worthy of a daring bikini. She reveals that she drinks a lot of water.

Aside from being a talented actress, Jessica Parker Kennedy loves animals and cares about the environment. Her love for animals isn’t secret. She brandishes about it in her Instagram account. You can see her many posts about adopting stray dogs. She even works in a foundation that finds pit bulls a loving home. After getting to know Jessica, here are some of the sexiest pics flaunting her perfect ass and boobs.

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