48 Sexy and Hot Hailey Clauson Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

Hailey Clauson is one of the sexy modeling luminaries today. When you ask any red-blooded bachelor out there if they know her, you will barely find someone who would say, “No.” Hailey is, indeed, a well-known model, and she has sexually captivated her fans worldwide because of her hot, bikini-perfect physique. If you want to feel more convinced of the utter sexiness of Hailey, this article will prove that she is undoubtedly a seductive temptress. This leggy head-turner owns a tight ass and sultry boobs. Over the years, these alluring attributes have made famous men’s and women’s magazines choose Hailey as their cover girl, alluring feature, and sexy centerfold.

We want to make your day an incredible one by giving you the proofs of Hailey being the ultimate sex goddess. These mouthwatering images feature the ravishing model wearing skimpy string bikinis of assorted colors, brands, and styles. Let us first discover some facts about the exquisite stunner. Michele is the middle name of Hailey. Her birth date listed online is March 7, 1995. This piece of data tells us that Hailey is a Pisces, astrology-wise. Plus, as of June 2020, she is a hot, 25-year-young bombshell. Indeed, Hailey is a young and adorable nymphet who is a citizen of the United States. She calls Thousand Oaks, California, as her birthplace. 

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Since 2009, Hailey has been active in the modeling industry. The discovery of this 5’11” tall, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed sexpot was in an open casting call in Los Angeles, California. Ford Models signed Hailey on the spot. Since that exciting and lucky experience with the prestigious modeling agency, fans following Hailey’s modeling career have spotted her in the advertising campaigns of Jag Jeans, Forever 21, and Wild Fox Couture. As a modeling talent of Marilyn Agency, Hailey got featured in the Japanese edition of Vogue as the Model of the Month. 

Hailey has appeared in many fashion shows, too. Her catwalk debut was in September 2010 in New York’s spring Adam fashion presentation. Moreover, Hailey exhibited the works of well-known fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Zac Posen. Then, as a Next Models talent, she got featured in the advertising campaigns of Gucci, Jill Stuart, Mavi Jeans, Dsquared2, Zara, Plein Sud, Topshop, Moussy, and many more.  

In the spring and summer of 2014, Hailey left the world’s bachelors’ heads spinning wildly when she modeled for the famous lingerie brand, Agent Provocateur. The gorgeous model wore sizzling-hot underwear. In that campaign, Hailey strutted her titillating ass, boobs, and overall foxy body in a kitchen, playing like the 1950s, sexually aroused housewife. Then, in 2015, she continued to leave her thrilled fans sexually excited when she appeared stark naked in body paint in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

In the same popular sports publication, Hailey got featured in the 2016 maiden triple swimsuit issue as one of the cover babes. We know that after learning about her activities in the past decade, you now agree that Hailey is an impressive and seductive sex goddess. Also, her almost perfect body with vital statistics listed online as 35-24-34 inches must be glued to your naughty imagination already. You will adore Hailey more as we bring you her most eye-catching bikini pictures. Enjoy!

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