44 Sexy and Hot Candice Lerae Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

Candice LeRae is one of the must-see female stars of the professional wrestling industry. She is famous for her outstanding work in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), being a one-time defender in its World Tag Team. Furthermore, as a PWG champion, Candice is the sole female titleholder in the history of that professional wrestling promotion. If you feel impressed with Candice’s prowess as a female professional wrestler, you will enjoy reading this online discussion. We collected the essential tidbits about this prolific athlete. Plus, if you want to view more of her sexy figure, you will relish the visual treats found at the bottom of this short article.

Let us learn some facts about the stunning female professional wrestler first. Candice’s original family name is Dawson. Her birth date is September 29, 1985, which makes zodiac sign Libra. As of June 2020, we can say that Candice is turning 35 years old in three months. Moreover, this Riverside, California-born professional wrestler debuted in the sports industry in 2002. For almost two decades, Candice has undoubtedly accomplished a lot.

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Candice took part in the women’s championship of Family Wrestling Entertainment. She also competed in the tag team finals of Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling, as well as the 2015 gold competition of Smash Wrestling. Candice undoubtedly dazzled in her excellent performances in these sporting events. Plus, the professional wrestling bombshell impressed her fans during her participation in the women’s world event of the Alternative Wrestling Show, and the tag team championship competition of Dreamwave Wrestling. 

Are you aware that in 2016, Pro Wrestling Illustrated hailed Candice as among its top-50 female wrestling stars? The gorgeous athlete made it on the 18th spot of the respected wrestling magazine’s list. Furthermore, with her undeniable beauty, Candice did not stay on the market for a long time. Since 2016, she has been the official Mrs. Johnny Gargano. The husband of Candice is one of the professional wrestlers signed in the prestigious World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Moreover, as a 5’2″ tall piece of wrestling ring loveliness, Candice is active on social media. On Instagram, she owns the handle @candicelerae. As of June 2020, Candice has more than 230,000 followers on the popular, Facebook-owned video and photo-sharing social media website. These avid fans, indeed, love Candice for her hot physique that measures 34-26-35 inches. Her boobs are mouthwatering, too, and they fit bras with the size of 32B. 

Plus, Candice looks incredible with her muscular ass and her well-toned body. These titillating body parts of hers will make you sexually aroused because string bikinis of different colors, styles, and brands hug them perfectly. We know you are very excited now to relish gazing at this wrestling temptress’s sexually enticing snaps, and here they are. Enjoy!

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