50 Sexy and Hot Paz Vega Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

Paz Vega is a Spanish actress and model who was born as María Paz Campos Trigo. The black-haired beauty is known for appearing as the character Laura in the ‘7 Vidas’ TV series as well as playing Lucia’s role in the ‘Lucía y el Sexo’ film. She also performed in several other TV and big screen productions that include the following, ‘ ‘Más que amigos,’ Menudo es mi padre,’ and ‘Compañeros.’ Her notable works on the movie screen include films like  ‘I Will Survive,’ ‘Spanglish,’ Vallanzasca – The Angels of Evil. ‘The Spirit,’ and ‘Zapping,’   Paz who further serves as a model, is part of the One Model Management based in the city of New York. Speaking of awards and honors for the Spanish beauty, she has received plenty of  awards and recognition  for her performance in ‘Lucía y el Sexo.’

She’s appeared in tons of European and North American productions. After six productive seasons as Laura in “Seven Lives,” one of the most extended standings comedy shows in Spain, the talented actress from Seville made her transition to the silver screen, gaining the praise of Spanish and European viewers in 2001 since she received the Goya for Best New Actress with her role as Lucia in Ju Director Julio Medem’s “Sex and Lucia,” and also the prestigious Chopard Award for Best New Actress. Both the movie and the starlet went on to earn many other valuable awards in and beyond Spain.

She ended up playing Flor Moreno ‘s part in the romantic comedy ‘Spanglish’ in 2004. The brunette received the chance to act in the indie movie ’10 things or less’ after that. Then in 2008, the hot performer did the superpower filled film ‘The Spirit.’ Two years would pass, then she would be cast for Italy based crime film ‘Angel of the Bad’ as Antonella D’Agostino. She then got to be featured in the 2015 US sitcom television series’ Big Time in Hollywood. She appeared in the suspense series ‘The OA’ the next season.

Speaking of the Spanish actress’s romantic life, she is married to a man named Orson Salazar as of 2002. In May of 2007, the pair had their first child, Orson. In 2009 and 2010, they had their baby girl Ava and son Lenon, combined. The region of Andalucía and her hometown, Seville, has honored the actress continuously for her actual work, promoting her home area and community worldwide. Thus Paz has bestowed the Andalucía Medal, the Seville Medal along with the coveted Seville Gold Medal.

In the image gallery, you will find pictures similar to those done by the Spanish bombshell in sexy photoshoots, red carpet shots, magazine spreads, promotional materials, bikini beach photos, and more! She is known to have abundant boobs and a curvy ass guaranteed to drive anybody crazy. Paz Vega is on her way to becoming a certified sex icon!

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