60 Sexy and Hot Marisa Miller Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

Former Victoria’s Secret model, Marisa Miller, still looks the same in her recent photos. Although she already has two sons, the sexy model/actress still rocks that bikini body every time she hits the beach with her family. Marisa even upped her hot body game when she posed nude for several magazines, sometimes revealing her boobs and ass. To see more photos of Marisa Miller, check out our compilation of photos here.

Marc and Krista Bertetta welcome baby girl, Marisa Lee Bertetta, on August 6, 1978, in their lovely home in California. Throughout her teenage years, Marisa perceived herself as a tomboy since she had several male friends, and she wore large shirts.

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Although shy and timid, Miller’s beauty still stood out when she got discovered while strolling around San Francisco with her mother. Soon after, she and her mother flew to Italy for the start of her modeling career.

Marisa took the modeling industry by storm when she posed nude in Perfect 10’s 1997 magazine issue. Then, in 2001, Miller switched from amateur shoots for magazines to high profile and elite work. She posed for Mario Testino for Italian and American Vogue. She then modeled for Victoria’s Secret in 2002 and posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2002 to 2008.

Miller’s success grew more significantly when she posed for several high-profile magazines like GQ, Maxim, Marie Claire, and Vanity Fair. She also modeled for the ad campaigns of Andrew Mac, J.Crew, Guess, Marc Jacobs, and True Religion jeans.

In 2007, Miller became an official Victoria’s Secret model. She appeared with Heidi Klum on the TV commercial of the lingerie line. She even opened the show in the next years of being on the runway. In 2008, Miller got tasked by VS to promote their swim collection by visiting five cities. In the coming months, she officially became Victoria’s Secret angel and wore the fantasy bra in her 2009 runway show with VS.

Rumors of Marisa leaving Victoria’s Secret were then put to rest when she announced in the fall of 2010 that she moved on to other projects.

After her modeling career, Marisa moved on to becoming a celebrity. She did that by creating her clothing and shoe line, which she started in 2008. In October of 2010, Miller became the spokesperson of NFL for the season 2010 and 2011. Although several critics thought that she is not a fit to host the NFL series because she shows so much skin, the NFL still stood by their decision.

Marisa retained her surname Miller even after her divorce with Jim Miller in 2002. She then married Griffin Guess in 2006 and bore a child with him in 2012. In 2015, she gave birth to their second child.

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