45 Sexy and Hot Amanda Nunes Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

As of June 2020, the women’s division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC has Amanda Nunes as its number-one mixed martial artist in the pound-for-pound rankings. Besides, she celebrated her historical victory over Felicia Spencer in early June 2020. The two competed at the UFC 250’s featherweight contest. The dominant win of Amanda over Felicia is her 11th consecutive victory. This stellar achievement makes the formidable mixed martial arts superstar the first-ever UFC athlete to defend two titles while possessing both of them at the same time. With these latest accomplishments, you undoubtedly cannot help but feel wowed with Amanda. After all, she surely understands how to clinch victories effectively in the mixed martial arts scene.

If you are one of Amanda’s over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, where she owns the handle @amanda_leoa as of June 2020, you must have felt stunned with her recent post displaying her titillating, naked body. She is, indeed, sexy in the hot image, which features herself and her two UFC belts. Plus, the lioness in the background makes this attractive fighter look not only foxy but also powerful. That Instagram post of Amanda is an updated edition of her 2019 cover shoot for the body edition of the magazine that sports network ESPN released. If you want more of that sizzling-hot snaps of the mixed martial arts beauty, we have got them at the end of this article. The visual delights in our collection provide an astonishing peek of Amanda’s well-toned ass and athletic boobs, and they are undoubtedly worthwhile. Let us first learn some facts about this celebrated MMA fighter.

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Amanda has Lourenço as her middle name. Her birth date listed online is May 30, 1988, which makes her zodiac sign Gemini. Also, Amanda’s birthplace is Pojuca. This Brazilian borough is in the state of Bahia. Amanda entered the mixed martial arts scene in 2008. Her fighting prowess earned her the nickname “The Lioness.” Besides, Amanda holds a brown belt in judo and a black one in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In her 24 fights, Amanda remarkably bagged victories in 20 of them. She is, indeed, impressive in terms of her performances in self-defense sports. This 5’8″ tall loveliness has a bikini-perfect body with vital statistics listed online as 36-27-35 inches. As a sports influencer, she is also active on Twitter, where her handle is similar to her Instagram’s, @Amanda_Leoa. Amanda has more than 243,700 Twitter followers as of June 2020.

Amanda is a lesbian, but she still turns heads with her stunning dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her partner is fellow mixed martial artist Nina Ansaroff. It is worth noting that the two are going to become first-time parents in September 2020. Amanda has announced on her Instagram page early in 2020 that their first baby, Raegan Ann, would be arriving before the year ends. You will always find Amanda as a striking hot babe, especially now that we are giving you her sexiest pictures. Enjoy!

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