Russia's Invasion.

So what exactly is going on? Well it all started with riots, wonderfully illustrated by xdvx, About yanukovich edging closer to Russia at the last minute of Ukrainians and EU's deal. And then Russia busted on in at the borders with the army with "Exercises" along Ukraine's borders. (This of course very close to Crimea a very Russian bred area) And then the plan that had been set all along had finally been set in motion, where the Russians barge into Crimea and take over and surround all military camps/bases and kick all Ukrainians, Most go out willingly with Russia large and overwhelming army right outside, Others have chosen to stay and hope things go over smoothly. And then a referendum was set into motion because Ukraine thought russia was wrong for coming in with an army to protect "Ethnic Russians" And then russia thought it was right or had this plan from the beginning as it may want the USSR. A referendum was set into motion so Crimean's had the choice to decide what happened within Crimea, That's when a whopping 82% Voted for Russian leadership.Some think that this may have been "rigged" In Russia's favor. Now a 5 day truce has been enacted for any Ukrainians left in military bases, Now what happens after these 5 days? Well force will most likely be used, Russians as of right now can't socialize with Ukrainians, and possibly vice versa. Pits have been dug, and strategic fighting positions have been seized. Many Ukrainians soldiers want to leave but can't because they have been ordered to stay, Will they leave and possibly be court marshaled and even maybe jailed for life? Or will they stay and fight (Possibly) And even possibly lose their lives during it. And this doesn't mean russia stops at Crimea.. Will they keep going? Maybe they will and maybe they won't.

Many have even compared Putin to HITLER himself, This is a large callout, but to me sounds quite accurate. He seized some land randomly with almost no probable cause, And probably won't stop there.. Is this another world war? Many questions arise, and many won't be answered soon enough.

What are your thoughts?
What can be done to stop this?
And what would you do if you were in Ukraine's shoes?

If i have missed anything please feel free to add, As i probably have as this is all out of my mind not writing this as soon as i have read it somewhere else.

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    This is a problem that would be exacerbated by military intervention. If the US and EU could cripple the Russian and Chinese economies there might be a chance but there would also be a chance of hostilities down the road. At the end of the day though the hand of the international community are tied.

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    Ukraine's current government that the US and EU support is illegitimate, they simply overthrew the last legal government before any elections could even take place.

    Crimea is mostly of Russian ethnicity and like it or not they settled things DEMOCRATICALLY with an overwhelming majority voting for separation from Ukraine within the referendum.

    This is not our problem, the issue is not for the EU or for the US. The EU should not sanction Russia, 40% of their energy comes in from Russian pipelines, if that were cut off they'd suffer more than Russia. And as for the US, Obama is seeming more and more like a yapping dog, (you know one of those annoying little ones) full of empty threats. He should just give up and let the Russians handle Russian problems. This isn't a country you can push around US, you've been spending too long bullying Afghanistan, Russia, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan... You've forgotten what it's like arguing with someone the same size as you.

    Also the US and the UK have been massive hypocrites, calling out Russia when they themselves have been behind many of the biggest illegal wars in recent years (Iraq instantly springs to mind).

    Sorry, rant over

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