random questions

When you go to the movie theater and sit down to watch a movie what arm rest is actually yours?

You know how they put a toe tag on a persons dead body what if the person does have any toes, where do they put it?

If Girls with Big breasts work at HOOTERS where do Girls with One leg work, IHOP? <<<My friends question 🙂

If Pro and con are opposites, would that mean the opposite of progress is congress? :p

Ok idk if any of you have ever thought about this but when you drink grape soda or some sort of grape drink, do you notice that it tastes nothing like grapes like not even close, why is that?

If vegetable oil is made out of vegetables then what is baby oil made out of?

And those are some random questions i had on my mind I hope you like em and let me know if you have some answers for meh :p

oh and the pic is just for looks 😀

snapshot 20091222 3 - random questions