Premier League season 2013/14 review in 12 gifs

It was a new dawn for the Premier League champions, and the early signs were very much ‘business as usual’

However, it wasn’t long before disaster struck

To make matters worse, neighbours Manchester City were scoring goals for fun – which really annoyed some people..
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But those kind of people are rarely pleased with anyone

Meanwhile, Arsenal were somehow doing really well…

It seemed like they had a real chance and Gooner began to get excited…

Arsenal fans knew they had a chance if they signed a decent striker in the January transfer window…
But instead, Wenger did this…
kim - premier league season 2013/14 review in 12 gifs

And it turned into yet another season of frustration for the Gunners boss

Chelsea were clearly never in it from Day 1, right Jose?

That only left Liverpool, who stormed from outsiders to clear favourites after 11 straight victories

They even beat Manchester City at Anfield and were seven points clear with four games left, until…

Which meant…


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