"possible funny situation" bring your funny bone.

Sitting at work, like a boss.
actually working, like a boss.
knock on door.
Of course I'm closest.
and the rookie in the office.

Me answering door for obvious door to door sales man
offers me books for sale prices
books kinda interesting, about herbology and shit i like.
sales kid asks," do you like pineapple?"
i'm allergic to pineapple
i reply " no im allergic"
he replies "oh that sucks, because its good for your stomach"
he points in book that reads "good for your stomach"
"not mine" i reply.

Sales guy hands me a devotional workbook.
"Says we also have books like these they are good for daily devotionals"
Note: I'm athiest. not the asshole kind... the kind that minds his bussiness and shuts his mouth.
he asks " do you do any devotionals?"
i reply " never, I'm atheist"

he snatches the book back and acts as if I'm the devil.
I say " have a nice day"
he says nothing.

moral of the story... im the devil because i dont do devotionals and this guy just offered an anthiest who is allergic to pineapples books about religion and pineapples.


Steps 6 7 PHOTO CREDIT Beth Bence Reinke

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    He was probably pissed off thinking you were just giving him some excuses. Salesmen hear an excuse for everything they try to sell. Most of them would prefer a simple, "No thanks. I'm not interested." So your reasons for not buying his pitch probably sounded more like lames excuses to him.

    the funny part is i was serious about everything, i didn't even have to lie to get rid of him. and i don't think i was rude...at least i was trying to be nice. it doesn't help that i have 20+ herbology books that are far superior sitting on a shelf at home.
    - decrotie2004 June 3, 2013, 4:26 pm
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