Pokemon fans rejoice!

I was reading a game informer magazine today and saw an article or something on a new pokemon game called Pokemon Black version and White version (not sure where they got the name for this one). It said that it’s going to be a huge step-up from the other games. Instead of having a flat battle screen and whatnot you’re pokemon will now be in 3D! Instead of watching your pokemon idley bounce up and down while waiting on your opponent will change too. Making it to where it actually moves around during a battle. Your avatar will now appear to be a bit older than the normal 10 years old (which is when you can become a pokemon trainer). You will also be able to enter buildings from the side. And of course it will feature a whole entire cast of new pokemon.That’s it people. Pokemon in 3D! The future of gaming is 3D. Microsoft has Kinect. Sony has their 3D franchise booming. Nintendo has the 3DS. It’s mind blowing.