Pictures Taken At JUST The Right Moment

Epic Faceplant

epic faceplant

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

Oh boy. Faceplanting is never a good thing. Ever. But it’s even worse when some random guy takes a picture at the exact second you do it, making you a living joke on the internet forever. Poor guy, the fall had to hurt but this is just adding insult to injury.

What women REALLY mean when they say a guy’s hot

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Last Moments

last moments - pictures taken at just the right moment

This picture is sad, and it perfectly sums up life in the animal kingdom. Its kill or be killed, this shark must do what it needs to do to survive. And unfortunately for that little duck, it means he is going to end up dinner for this monstrous shark.

She looks like a dog, no really, she does!

Telling someone they have a face like a dog is a pretty common insult, but in this case this woman clearly has no right to be offended. The unfortunate timing of the picture makes her look like she swapped heads with her dog.

You just had to ruin it, didn’t you.

There always has to be one guy that messes up. This guy couldn’t supress his yawn for long enough to let this group picture be taken without a hitch. To be completely fair to him, the rest of his fellow soldiers also look pretty tired. But I guess that’s what you expect when you choose this line of work. It’s a hard job.

Boxed In

What a magnificent image. It’s really interesting to look at, with the plane in the background and the homes in the foreground. The strange dilution of special perception the picture produces makes this one of those cool pictures that sends a message while also messing with your mind.

Dangling Moon

dangling moon

This beautiful picture of a reddish moon in the background, seemingly being held up by the manmade crane, is full of symbolism. The great background setting of the mountains, turned ever so slightly orange as the sun begins to set, just makes for a really great picture, one definitely worthy of being up on any wall.

Racing a Statue

racing statue

Does the Christ the Redeemer statue have any hope of winning this one? I doubt it, since it’s a statue, but this is a really cool image. The symmetry in the build of both of the structures, with the huge difference between them as the plane speeds by and the statue remains unmoving, makes for a really cool, symbolic image.

The Great Cover Up?

great cover

This image is pretty ironic, since she is technically covering up with the newspaper blocking the view of her, but she also looks like she is being exposed. Yet another example of unfortunate angles in an image making one relatively innocent moment be seen in a whole new, controversial, light.

Blowing Smoke

blowing smoke

This picture almost couldn’t be any more perfect. I can only imagine the creator of the statue may have had an image like this in mind when they created the statue. It’s a truly breath-taking scene.

The Return Of The Jawbreaker

return jawbreaker

There are so many things going on in this picture that you don’t even know where to begin. The old man ducking for cover, the old lady sheltering her face from the blow, the child seemingly praying for this evil bat to pass by her, the child at the bottom seemingly undisturbed by the chaos that is taking place around her. And of course, the man getting his face completely shattered by the spinning baseball bat. That one surely had to hurt.