Perfectly timed photos and Gifs

Thats Gonna Sting

thats gonna sting

Beautiful moment before disaster struck

beautiful moment before disaster struck

Woman before she realizes she is falling

woman before she realizes she falling

This is the epitome of incredible timing

epitome incredible timing credit

Where do you think youre going

where think youre going xpost from rpics

Soccer players reaction to the opposing teams goalkeeper save

soccer players reaction opposing teams goalkeeper save

Years ago Bill Clinton caught with random girl

years ago bill clinton caught girlfriend falling

The dog looks like it’s breathing fire

dog looks like breathing fire

The picture of horse

taking picture horse yawning suddenly xenomorph horse xpost from ranimals

A picture of a penny

took picture penny

She obviously didn’t dodge

she obviously didnt dodge duck dip dive dodge

Referee or Iceman

referee iceman

Nice lips

nice lips

Guy took a shot of 151 and then blew out his birthday cake

friend took shot blew out his birthday cake

A five years old When you see it

five years when see

Lightning striking a power cable

lightning striking power cable

Lightning strikes at the Vatican

lightning strikes vatican

Incredibly low flying Hawker Hunter

incredibly low flying hawker hunter

Ice cream

ice cream

Gymnast perfect tumble

Take this

garglarblarghalargl - perfectly timed photos and gifs

Every bunny was kungfu fighting

every bunny kungfu fighting

Downhill mountain biker mid crash

downhill mountain biker mid crash tacod wheel photo kevin scott video

A Tomahawk Cruise Missile about to impact

tomahawk cruise missile impact

A photo a guy took of himself clapping

photo guy took himself clapping

Amazingly timed photo of a swing breaking

amazingly timed photo swing breaking

Her ferret at the exact right moment

friend mine took photo her ferret exact right moment xpost from

903 AM

903 am - perfectly timed photos and gifs