party fouls and pluses

Party Fouls

Level 1: Spilling a beer (cleaning it up)
Level 2: Spilling someone elses beer, Dropping some weed, Taking a drink of someone elses drink, Puking in general
Level 3: Dropping a cigar/cigarette indoors
Level 4: Being the sober guy (for no reason: ie. DD, fast food DD), Spilling beer (not cleaning it up), Drawing on passed out kid (with shoes off)
Level 5: Calling somebody (that you know) the wrong name, Wasting beer (or pouring it on the ground "for your homeys")
Level 6: Driving buzzed/not wasted (but still drunk)
Level 7: Stealing a whole bottle of alcohol/multiple beers of someones
Level 8: Dropping a lit bowl, Breaking something in the house, All regrettable sexual encounters, Hitting on your best friend's girl
Level 9: Wasting weed, Cock blocking, Falling over when honestly trying to stand straight, Cheating because your drunk and don't care, Losing your shite (in general)
Level 10: Puking indoors (cleaning it up), Losing a cellphone/wallet/keys
Level 11: Taking the hosts bed/bedroom, Passing out with shoes on, Bringing up old grudges (+)
Level 12: Passing out (not sleep, just falling over), Drunk dialing your ex that you are trying to get over
Level 13: Letting parents (not cops) find out about the party, Puking indoors (not cleaning it up), Taking advantage of a drunk girl, Driving very drunk
Level 14: Stealing shite, Bringing unwanted people, Fighting someone
Level 15: Getting party busted by cops

Party Pluses

Level 15: Bringing beer (sharing it), Hosting a house party
Level 14: Being an alibi (covering for somebody)
Level 13: Being a DD (for multiple stops)
Level 12: Bringing weed (sharing it), Being a DD (for one person)
Level 11: Contributing a lesser drink (ie. 5-0 or bad whiskey)(+), Being fast food DD
Level 10: Bringing an accessory (ie. bowl/bong/beer bong/keg cups/ping pong balls), Taking care of the drunkest kid, Supplying sleeping supplies (ie. pillows/blankets/tents/sleeping bag/couch cushion)
Level 9: Supplying the music system (ie. car/stereo)
Level 8: Supplying food in general
Level 7: Hooking friends up with house party (other than your own), kicking fags out(+)
Level 6: Cleaning up in the morning, Hooking everyone up with outdoor party spot
Level 5: Supplying a buyer, bringing beer/weed (charging people for it)
Level 4: Befriending a new member of the opposite sex
Level 3: Supplying music (ie. CD/Ipod)
Level 2: Befriending somebody new
Level 1: Any act of friendship in general
many of us older people on the site have learned these already so this is for the minors of the site, because marker tends to give away that you were at a party. Also if you have more to add feel free to state them and I will edit them in.
Additions, using the restroom anywhere other than the restroom. Credit goes to mrcbccadetx0.

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    Haha very nice tips my fried. I think taking a piss inside (not in the washroom) should be on there. My buddy blacked out and pissed on a stack of clean laundry, pretty great night.

    I once did something like that in the same state. you have been credited.
    - triclebickle April 10, 2011, 7:12 pm
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