Owl Butterflies

firstowlentirebutterfly - owl butterflies

firstowlthreequartersbutterfly - owl butterflies

Here it seemed content to rest as I slowly creeped up on it and started taking photos.

As you can see, its colors are nothing special, but its patterns and its sheer size (about 4 inches) make it really stand out.

firstowlbutterflyheadandlegs - owl butterflies

n fact, the closer you get the better it looks. Just take a look of those crazily patterned eyes!

owlbutterflysecondentire - owl butterflies

After ten minutes I had all the photos I wanted, and I made my way down to where my guide was sitting on a log.

That’s when I noticed another Owl Butterfly, halfway between where the one above had first landed and where it had ended, and only three meters from the guide!

I can only assume that this Owl Butterfly was a female whose pheremones had attracted the other one.

owlbutterflysecondeyespots - owl butterflies