ouija boards

are the parker brothers trying to have us posseded by demonds or do they want us to come under attack by mysterious forces. is it true or false. are the storys true?

my friends want me to try it with them should i?

ouija board game

here are some stories

It’s Just a Hobby
Cindy was only thirteen. She was the middle child within a large, devoutly Christian family. She had three older sisters, a younger sister and a younger brother. At some point during the eighth grade, a friend let her borrow a Ouija board one weekend, and that weekend Cindy and her older sisters played with the board. They did so in secret, late at night, because they knew how strongly their parents would disapprove. That weekend, the mysterious talking board mesmerized Cindy. Cindy became obsessed with it. She could think of nothing else and soon had a list of questions that she wanted to ask the board.

Cindy had an hour every day after school where she was alone in the house before her older sisters returned from high school. So Monday afternoon right after getting home from school, she cautiously crept up to her room, set up the Ouija board on her bed and gently laid her fingertips on top of the pointer. After just ten minutes of sitting quietly, the planchette started to jerk softly across the board. It spelled out, “H-I”. Cindy’s breath caught in her throat.

“Hi,” she answered. “Who are you?”


A shock ran through Cindy. Jake was a friend of hers who had died in a car accident in the fourth grade.

“Jake, is it really you?” Cindy sat up, her arms shaking with excitement. The pointer moved quickly up to “YES”.

Over the next hour, Cindy held a conversation with “Jake”. Every day after school, Cindy would race up to her room and have a conversation with Jake about her life and about her future. But after a few days, the conversations became darker and angrier. By the second week, Cindy had the impression that she wasn’t talking with Jake, but instead with a dark and terrible imposter. Finally, by the end of the second week, the entity revealed itself as a demon and threatened Cindy that if she told anyone about their conversations she would die. That Friday night, when her sisters got home, they found Cindy curled up in a corner crying. It took a week in a mental facility before Cindy could recover from the emotional damage that the “entity” caused her during those two fateful weeks of her childhood

Can’t Hide Secrets from Ouija
One summer, three middle school boys discovered a Ouija board in a trash bin outside a local apartment building. Tom, the oldest, was terribly cruel to the younger boy, Josh. He would often punch Josh jokingly in the arm, but so hard that it would bruise. Other times he would call Josh stupid or a “retard”. The third boy, Chris, would avoid the abuse by remaining silent. Secretly Chris and Josh disliked Tom’s behavior, but they tolerated it because they had no other friends.

That summer, the three boys took the discovered Ouija board to Tom’s house where he was alone most of the time anyway. His father was always working, and his mom had passed away years earlier. As the three boys sat in the middle of the living room with their hands on the planchette, they became bored after twenty minutes of waiting. When they were just about to give up, the planchette budged. Finally it spelled out “G-E-T A-W-A-Y”.

“Get away? I live here,” Tom barked. The planchette started moving more briskly in a figure eight.


“That’s weird. I wonder what it means?” Chris said, glancing at Tom and Josh. He looked back at the board.

“Where should we go?” Chris asked.

“I-T H-U-R-T-S…”

“This is stupid,” Tom said. He looked at Josh and Chris, “You guys are doing this..let’s test it. Josh, let go”

Josh removed his hands from the planchette.

“Now ask it a question that only you will know,” Tom ordered.

Josh immediately asked, “Who’s the person who keeps hitting me?”

Tom gave Josh a nasty glare, but the planchette was already moving quickly.

“A-S-K T-O-M,” it answered.

“This is stupid,” Tom said.

“D-A-D,” the board spelled.

“Huh?” Chris said, staring at the board. “I think this question is for Tom.” He glanced up at Josh and they exchanged confused expressions.

“D-A-D,” it spelled again. Tom’s breathing started to race, his face turned red and sweat formed on his brow.

“D-A-D,” it spelled a third time. Tom jumped up and ran from the room crying. It was the first time Josh and Chris had ever seen or heard Tom cry. They only learned a few days later that Tom’s father routinely abused him. Somehow, the Ouija board knew Tom’s innermost secret.

The Writing in The Mirror
In the 1980s, a group of college girls were huddled in a circle in the middle of a dorm room using a Ouija board, their fingers just barely touching the planchette as it slid around the board in a lazy figure eight motion. The fourth girl was pacing back and forth near the doorway.

Anne was considered a local Ouija expert on the small college campus. The odds were good that on any given Saturday, a Ouija session would be in progress. On this particular Saturday night, the group of four girls immediately made contact with a restless spirit. The moment the planchette moved, Melissa, who had never used the Ouija board before, was convinced that it was demonic. She immediately jumped up and began pacing by the doorway, refusing to touch the plastic piece again. After asking the entity its name, it responded with, “N-O”. Asking it a second time, it responded even quicker as the plastic pointer raced back to “NO” again.

Misty, a short-haired blonde sitting to Anne’s right, leaned forward and whispered, “Why?” The board made a few more figure eight sweeps and stopped, almost as though it was considering the question. Finally, it slowly spelled out, “K-I-L-L-E-D M-Y-S-E-L-F” and then started to move in a faster figure eight as though agitated. Misty gave Anne a confused look, and asked, “Where?”

It spelled out its answer: “I-N T-H-E B-A-T-H-R-O-O-M”.

“Oh my God,” Melissa said, and she opened the door and bolted from the room. The other two girls, also first-timers, couldn’t take it anymore. They stood up, their eyes filled with terror, and raced out of the room. Anne looked at Misty with a smirk.

“Well I guess that’s a wrap,” she chuckled, shaking her head. She looked at the board and said “Goodbye”. With just the two girls touching the planchette, it moved more slowly, but eventually it dragged itself to the bottom of the board and over the word “GOODBYE”.

The next morning, as all of the girls were getting ready in their dorm rooms, they heard a loud scream from the downstairs bathroom. They all ran into the bathroom to find Melissa standing in front of the mirror, dripping wet and wearing only a towel, one hand over her mouth in horror. In the steamed up mirror, a fingertip had scratched the terrible words “HELP ME”. All of the girls ran out of the bathroom, screaming at the top of their lungs.

The next day, a team of three janitors examined the mirror closely and uncovered the mystery. Apparently, the girl who killed herself in the bathroom from a few years before had written a message on the mirror with her lipstick. Any time anyone took a very hot shower, the grease from the poorly cleaned lipstick stain would repeat her terrible cry for help.