OpTic try outs

Xbox 360 ONLY at this time.

**You must be a subscriber to our Community Relations Channel, YouTube.com/OpTicJ in order to participate.

**Inquiries and questions should ONLY be sent via private message to YouTube.com/OpTicJ. Please do not contact other OpTic members.

**To participate, please send a private message to OpTicJ on XBL (no space between OpTic and J, it’s all one word).

OpTic is searching the globe for a unique, talented, and sharp sniper worthy of joining OpTic Gaming. Many will participate, but only 8 will be selected for the series episodes. The final 8 candidates will be evaluated and removed from the process through a series of challenges sought to test their overall sniping skill, consistency, and self-representation (OpTic is a professional and mature team of gamers – we accept nothing less).

Important Update on Participation in this Event:
In order to facilitate the largest percent of participation, video submissions will no longer be necessary. What does this mean? You don’t need a capture card to participate and we don’t need to see your montage. OpTic Jon3Ss and OpTic Nerve x will host several open lobbies in order to gauge as many participants as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will get to participate in the open lobby challenges?

As many gamers as possible. The series episodes will launch on the YouTube.com/OpTicJ channel. OpTic Jon3Ss and OpTic Nerve x will post announcements when the open lobbies will be hosted. The announcements for the tryout lobbies will take place on YouTube.com/OpTicJ.

How will the open lobby evaluations work?

Participants in the open lobby challenges will be placed in a free for all on 5 different maps (we’re not going to tell you the maps – this is done on purpose). OpTic member’s will be present for the evaluation process and collaborate on who will be invited to move forward.
Please note that the open lobby evaluation process may take time. We appreciate your patience in this process.
OpTic reserves the right to change the tryout/open lobby process at any time

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