omegle randomness 2

This is simply the strangest conversation I've ever had.... period.

Stranger: For the past 6 years I have been stealing pictures of a boy and saying I'm a made up persona of a 19 year old male. I am a 17 year old female
I have had many friendships with people, nothing sexual, but deep enough so that something like this would be at least a little bit devastating.
Your reaction?
You: .......
You: what?
Stranger: it's true
Stranger: do you think this is immoral?
You: so wait is the guy gay?
Stranger: no, he's straight
You: and he's been giveing you pics
Stranger: and the friends i've made are everything from gay men to straight females
You: so your stealing pics from this guy by saying your a guy when your really a girl...
Stranger: yes.
You: ummmm why?
Stranger: it started as a bit of an experiment and a roleplay. i'm really into psychology and all that
Stranger: and imaging different personas and whatnot
You: soooo basically you just wanted to mind fuck him and got carried away
Stranger: essentially
You: now you can't get out of it?
Stranger: but when you put it that way it sounds more malicious than it was
Stranger: and i can get out of it, it's just difficult as i've gotten rather close with some people
You: well um im sorry but your kind of fucked... unless this guy mysteriously dies
You: the fake not the real guy
You: if you want to be friends with these people just introduce yourself as you later
You: though im pretty sure your just friggen screwed here cause you are really gonna fuck with their heads
You: what do you want to happen?
Stranger: i don't really want to continue my friendship after i've destroyed the persona i created
You: ummmm so basically you have gotten really close to these people and they care about this persona now and now you don't want to fix it and can't figure out how to get out
You: now your going to fuck with their heads and disappear into nothingness and leave them hanging with no idea where their friend is?
You: yea im gonna say thats immoral............
Stranger: damn....
You: ya basically you took this way to far and no matter what you do your completely fucking screwed. only way you can fix this is by being chuck norris
Stranger: haha.
You: or the terminator
Stranger: i dont know if this really matters or not but the friendships i've had that were kind of deep i've only been friends with for like...6 months or so
Stranger: that would be badass if i was the terminator..
You: yea it's gonna matter i've seen deep friendships form within a week
You: basically you have fucked up their lives
Stranger: i don't think it's that far..
You: yea and because of this you are not allowed to be terminator i ban you from being him
Stranger: aww shit
You: you can be the scared little guy from judge doom
Stranger: never seen that movie
You: fiiiiine ummmm how bout robin
Stranger: dude id way rather be batman are you kiddign me
You: nope not allowed
You: your robin
Stranger: :(
You: actually no your not robin your gonna be Hercule
Stranger: from dbz?!
You: yes
You: muhahahaha
Stranger: :(((

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    I do that all the time, like right now lol

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