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You: exy
Stranger: ?
Stranger: what ?
You: u know
Stranger: what ?
You: idk
You: you tell me
Stranger: ??
You: what are you talking about
Stranger: i don’t understand
You: why havent you called me?
Stranger: what mean ?
You: i stayed up for 9 hours waiting for you to call and you never did
Stranger: ㅜㅜ
Stranger: …
You: are you cheating on me?
Stranger: you are
Stranger: nut
Stranger: zzzzzzzzzz
You: you were with that whore sally wernt you?
You: i hope you get aids
Stranger: i don’t understand
Stranger: aids ?
Stranger: okok
Stranger: i heard
You: i hate you i regret ever letting you put it in my butt
Stranger: your tailking about
You: why are you still here you obviously dont love me any more
Stranger: sosososo
Stranger: bad
Stranger: i’m sorry
Stranger: my english is
You: dont apoligize now just get out
Stranger: sososo
Stranger: bad
You: i dont want to see you ever again
Stranger: why!!
You: bc your a terrible person
Stranger: go away ?
Stranger: oh…
Stranger: sorry