New Dragon Ball Super movie 2018 The Strongest of the Saiyans

dragon ball super movie update

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Akira Toriyama has made our day by announcing a new Dragon Ball movie coming out for December 2018. The movie’s story is being done by Toriyama himself. In addition to the story, he also provided 20 sheets of character and machine designs. Also, there is news that there is going to be at least one new planet, which is going to be revealed.

dragon ball super movie

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dragon ball super movie update

Dragon Ball Super Movie Update

The New Saiyan’s Name is Shallot.
So immediately, they have made it clear that this is a Universe 6 Ancient Saiyan, which is clearly evident by the armor they described. The armor is very similar to Cabba’s armor.

dragon ball super movie shallot

The Father of all Saiyans, Akumo, invades Earth and it’s up to Goku to stop him in this Dragon Ball Super Movie Fan Edit/Animation :

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