Navy Seals

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Navy SEALs are trained to work in more environments and terrains than any other type of solider in the United States. They are trained to work on Land, on the Sea, and in the Air.

Navy SEAL sharpshooters have almost 100% accuracy. They are trained to hit a target within an inch from 100 or more yards away!

The majority of Navy SEALs will train upwards of 52 weeks before becoming an official Navy SEAL! This makes the Navy SEALs the most trained soldiers in the United States military.

There are no female Navy SEALs and has never been a single female Navy SEAL in the history of the Navy SEALs.

As of 2009 there have been less than 11,000 individuals who have gained the title of Navy SEAL! These numbers make the Navy SEALs even more elite!

Pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura was a Navy SEAL!

in Vietnam Seals had a kill ratio of 250- 1

Seals have been sent to Bosnia to capture a war criminal alive. They found he was working out of a hospital. So they stole a wheel chair, knocked out the target and put him on the wheel chair, put a blanket over him and put him in back of a truck before driving him out of the country.

The Seals have the highest number of enemy kills and captures in Afghanistan than any other unit in operation. the stats arnt in yet for Iraq

A Taliban commander was know for torturing innocent Afghans. He was working with bin laden and had a helmet he would wear. He got it from a dead Russian special forces member he killed when they invaded. After a SEAL team was covertly placed in Afghanistan (before the initial invasion) one navy seal came back from a mission wearing this helmet. The Taliban who had once owned it, was never seen again

seal team 6 was created to test American military security. So the seals would actually attack (without using lethal force) American military facilities. With out any gov given weapons, intel or money, they gained access to American nuclear compartments on submarines, weapons and demo in top secured warehouses and even got into air force one, where they took hostages.

In Vietnam a Navy Seal had 32 hand-to-hand kills in 48 hours. 32!

A Seal fighting in Iraq was shot in the eye(exiting the side of his head) then killed 3 terrorists, finished the mission and walked 2 miles to the extraction point.