My Poetry: For My Erato (Godess)

Now I know, that I’m not the best for you
No, but I got the best of you stuck up in my head like every night
Sleep tight to the thought that my body can rest on you
Never act like I’m professional
Loving you is hard but I’ve got the strength to pull forward
With a lot of respect for you, though either way I gotta be next to you
Need lovin? Ima rock the bed for you
Take it the top, I will hop the fence for you
No lie give you whatever you need
Ima ride for you, grind for you, die protecting you
Giving you no false allegeable, no playing with you, I’ll present the truth
One day you will be mine, Ima take time with it
Feel it out, lost my breathe for you

Should be cryin’ but I just can’t let it show
Should be hopin’ but I can’t stop
Thinkin’ thinkin’ about you

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I feel obsession, cause I just want you
And I know that I never wanted to love you, but I do
And it’s new to you and me both
I swear I never planned it, I usually do
But it’s like you and I just clicked
Whether you refuse to comply, I did
And it feels so right that I don’t mind one-siding my love
By the time I split, you’ll get it
Maybe you will love me too
Maybe that mud you drug me through will prove it
That I won’t go nowhere, can’t think of anyone above you boo
You know that you get me crazy, I’m feeling it so much lately
You better know this is all for you, any setback will not phase me
Better believe I don’t wanna leave you, please I don’t want regrets
All I want is one chance to seriously see what it would’ve been like