My Poetry: Faith (if this goes well i will post more :D )

Astronaut of the Abyss, Astrologically a fish,
December 28 was when I started to Exist
The doctor cut the umbilical cord together with the boundaries
Counteract the possibilities in which you’d doubt me

The man I am, and I aint egotistical
I’m insecure But I can be sure that I’m lyrical
While kids played basketball and picked up chicks
I walked around the park with my headphones and the passion just clicked

Outcast kid bumping outcast songs
With the occasional slim shady LP when I was alone
An Unknown soul in a world of clones given no
Particular Direction where to go so I just dreamt

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Yeah boy, yeah girl for sure
Redeeming what I see, and what all of the signs showed
Dreaming so easy, I could do it with my eyes closed
And they ask me why? I tell them

well, where am I going now?
I know this sounds weird, but I feel so proud
Of all of my mistakes and my trials and errors
Thanks to my dark past, I marked a new era

Of bright times to come, shining like the sun
One light at a time, and it only just begun
No right or wrongs
I’m gona keep writing my songs till the break of dawn