my little rant

so i posted something i wrote for school a few years ago.

“there are times in my life and in yours too
even if you dont admit it you have thought some of the things i have even if for a moment
you lived like me at one time
you thought like me at one time
then you gave it all up for your friends
who you thought were friends
popularity and somesuch idea
how you might stand above people like me
about how you might control people like me
your thoughts you thought were secret
but you actions told the rest of us
the ones who dont care
the ones who like where they are
the ones like me
we dont care about you
how you live
how much money you have
how many friends you think you have
but in reality you know they arent your friends
their there for what you have
your looks
your social status
not your personality
not for you
welcome to my life
we live down here
beneath you
always watching and thinking
what would she look like without all her jewelry
makeup or fancy clothes
what would she look like if she was missing all her adornments
all the popular things
and we stop, because just like that, we dont care
you might be above us to everyone else
but to us, you are below us
we are ourselves because we want it that way
we like who we are and how we dress
we like that we drive old beaters
we like watching you laugh with your so called friends
pointing at us
thinking we are inferior
let me be the first to say
congratulations, you are a better actor than you are a person.
sure we think you look nice
sure your laugh is cute
but thats not who you are
you are the people you persecute
you are the people you laugh at
you are below them because they made you take notice
because you acted first
you were intimidated
you were irritated
nobody cares
but you
welcome to the truth, it may be ugly
but you are worse underneath all that makeup and fancy clothes
we are beautiful because we are ourselves
and that will never change.
now go away, you’re not worth my time
but i still got you to read this
because i made you take notice.”

i dont remember what i got on it. lemme know what you think