my first time on omegle

You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: wats up?
Stranger: not much, asl?
You: 19/m/usa
Stranger: cease fapping dude, there are no luscious boobies on this end
Stranger: only cock
Stranger: common courtesy on my part :3
You: i wasnt fapping to begin with
Stranger: dude, omegle is the new cybersex capital of the internet
You: ……..only cock…..?
Stranger: i’m implying that im a guy
You: im assuming your gay since this seems to be an only cock cybersex site and you are a guy…
Stranger: anyway, I’m out, peace
You: good bye nice homosexual
You have disconnected.

its not that funny but my first time there….. kinda weird