My Army Brother

i just wanted to post my sadness and prayers for my big brother who will be going to afganistan December 25, 2010. i also wanted people to honor his bravery to join the army knowing ahead of time that he will be sent out to war. i am very scared and sad to know that he will go to war but what makes me most sad is that around the start of December he will be saying his last words just in case he dies in war. i beleive in bad luck and i have told him that he shouldn’t say his last words to prepare for if he dies. because i think that if he prepares for if he dies then he is just setting himself up to die. i ask that all who read this post, please, please, please, pray for him to be ok. his name is Qwyntrell Christiason. i want people to know of his bravery so please tell your friends about this post. i want him to be remembered forever for what he is doing. if any of you have a relative currently in the army who will go out to war or is already in war then comment and say so. tell me their name and i will pray for them.