MS Paint Adventures

title - ms paint adventures

Hello And Welcome
Ok, so the first attempt i did of this got far to out of hand, due to the fact i did not think it would get a huge response, but you all amazed me and got involved. As well as that i did not plan it very well.And so I’ve decided to re-launch a new one. If you all get on board with it and show some respect again (AKA +3’ing) then i will but even more time and effort into it.
The Rules
– Only One command per comment.
– No rude comments aka ‘Fapping’ etc.
– Comment below with what you want the character to do.
Aim Of The Game
– The Aim is to find a way to escape.
First Choose A Character

character slection

1) You have selected JAKE. Your awake in a unfamiliar room.

02 - ms paint adventures

2) Jake opens the draw, there a red box marked with a ‘smiley face’

03 - ms paint adventures

3) Jake leaves the box, and pushes the draw aside. A trap door appears.

04 - ms paint adventures

4) Jake takes the hammer and the four nails, and put them in his Inventory.

05 - ms paint adventures

5) Jake trys to open the trap door but, it seem to be locked. A key is required.

06 - ms paint adventures

6) Jake rethinks.. and decides to open the red box, inside is a small note and key. The note reads:

07 - ms paint adventures

7) You use the key in the trap door and it unlocks.

08 - ms paint adventures

8) Jake Climbs down and drops into a room.

09 - ms paint adventures

9) Jake reaches up and pull of the little peice of paper, its another note. It reads:

10 - ms paint adventures

10) Jake presses the first button, before he can do anything the floor beneath him gives way. He falls down into a room, He loose 34 health from fall damage.

12 - ms paint adventures

11) Jake search around in the in garbage pile, after a while of searching Jake finds a badly damaged screw driver. You add it to your inventory

13 - ms paint adventures

12) After going back into the garbage pile for something to eat the only thing you could find was a torn of hand, he gains 15 health for it.

14 - ms paint adventures

13) Jake decides to inspect the camera which is watching him, as he gets near to it, its moves out of reach.

15 - ms paint adventures

14) Jake waves his arms around, the camera turns to face him, he quickly smashes it off the wall using the hammer, it falls to the floor.

16 - ms paint adventures

15) Jake heads over the vent to inspect it, sadly he can’t reach. Jake thinks to himself “If only i had something to stand on”

17 - ms paint adventures

16) Jake pushes the smelly garbage over towards the vent. A small note falls out while pushing it.

18 - ms paint adventures

17) Jake picks up the note, it reads:

19 - ms paint adventures

18) Jake has a look a the camera but couldn’t find anything of use. he places it back down and climbs onto of the garbage heap, the vent seem screwed shut.

20 - ms paint adventures

19) Jake uses the Screw driver to unscrew the vent, just as the last screw comes out the screw driver snaps in half.

21 - ms paint adventures

20) After searching around, Jake gives up and climbs into the vent, it leads him to another room:

22 - ms paint adventures

21) Jake walks over and takes the note off the wall, he has his hammer at ready, the note reads:

23 - ms paint adventures

22) Jake heads over to the code-pad to enter the number that he found, but there aren’t any numbers, just letters..

24 - ms paint adventures

23) Jake rolls back the carpet… to find a troll face. -_-

25 - ms paint adventures

24) Jake types in ‘NBA’ but it doesn’t accept it.

26 - ms paint adventures

25) Jake trys the new code.It accepts it! The doors slowly slide open.

27 - ms paint adventures

26) Still wielding the hammer, you creep into the room. The room’s lights kick in, flicking for a moment then staying on.

28 - ms paint adventures

27) Jake nervously heads over to the table to have a look.

29 - ms paint adventures

28) Jake leaves the table and looks at the monitor connected to the tube.

30 - ms paint adventures

29) Jake think about it for a while and decide to select ‘No’. After pressing it, he turns and equips the ‘Butchers Knife’ and ‘The Hook’.

31 - ms paint adventures

30) Jake moves away from the monitor.

32 - ms paint adventures