Mourinho reactions

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When your parents are talking and you hear them say your name

3 Body Language Tips to Make Her Crave You

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99% of ALL Women Will Make The First Move IF You Say THIS SINGLE SENTENCE.

Most pickup methods don’t work—they’re money grabs by already-handsome men that use cheap tricks to get subpar results. If you really want girls to like you, there’s only one thing to do: UNDERSTAND FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY. And only a woman can teach you that.

Showing women you understand them starts with a single phrase, whether you’re at a bar, on a dating app, or sending the first text. This phrase proves you understand WHAT women want versus what women SAY they want. And men who know this sentence have MANY TIMES more success than those who don’t, and end up single.

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When all your friends are at the party but you weren’t invited

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When you’re half way through telling a story and you realise no one is listening

When your having a conversation on Facebook and someone likes your last comment to symbolise the end of the convo

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Your mrs when your drunk at a party and you’re about to order another drink.

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Men have been seducing women for thousands of years, so what's wrong with you?

The truth is that you have the power to seduce ANY woman you want, you're just not speaking the right language.

Watch this video from relationship expert Kate Spring. It's based on the most advanced Harvard psychological research available and will completely transform your dating and sex life.

Kate will teach you the right time to make the first move, when to ask her out, when to go in for the kiss, and more.

Even better, her Obsession Method is 100% guaranteed to work. So make sure to watch the entire video until the end.

When your mum says you can have your sweets if you eat all your vegetables.

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When your alarm goes off on a Monday morning.

When it’s sunny all week at work and overcast on a Saturday

When you’re ready for a night out and your outfit is on point