Mourinho reactions

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When your parents are talking and you hear them say your name
btqhtgoiyai2iry - mourinho reactions
When all your friends are at the party but you weren't invited
btqgzkyicaa31je - mourinho reactions
When you're half way through telling a story and you realise no one is listening
btqdkkricaac vw - mourinho reactions
When your having a conversation on Facebook and someone likes your last comment to symbolise the end of the convo
btptzx7iyae3poy - mourinho reactions
Your mrs when your drunk at a party and you're about to order another drink.
btowhigiiaaw5aw - mourinho reactions
When your mum says you can have your sweets if you eat all your vegetables.
btooqkwigaea2a8 - mourinho reactions
When your alarm goes off on a Monday morning.
btnldugiqaal2fe - mourinho reactions
When it's sunny all week at work and overcast on a Saturday
btdobn2icaeunn7 - mourinho reactions
When you're ready for a night out and your outfit is on point

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